Robin Singer


Here's what I love: writing, reading, food, laughing, dancing, laughing while dancing, traveling (but not travel days), my family.
Here's what I don't love so much: writing about myself, camping (mainly the bugs), dental work, pineapple on pizza.
Why copywriting?: It intrigued me the moment I first heard about it, which was about 14 years ago. It was a way to write for a living which seemed like a pretty amazing career. And it is. Also, I realized a gig on Saturday Night Live was highly unlikely.


  • Direct marketing (packages
  • letters
  • brochures
  • self-mailers
  • inserts); digital (websites
  • banners); social media (Facebook
  • Twitter); print (magazine ads); broadcast (DRTV
  • radio); editorial (magazine articles
  • newsletters). Finance
  • pharma
  • fashion


  • I'm great at writing compelling copy that's on strategy and…
  • don't overbill
  • oh
  • and I'm nice too. I've had one Creative Director call me Ro…